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a Native of Bermudas, supposed to be about twenty Years of Age, Servant to Mr. Jennions of the Island of St. Eustatia in the West Indies, Merchant1 Records
of the ship Berlin? of Dantzig [Surname could be Kalff. Burials incorrectly entitled 'Baptisms and Marriages' above this section of the register]]1 Records
[Child's name is followed by what appears to be 'W Green'. It is not entirely clear if this refers to the names of both parents or is that of the mother]1 Records
aged 15 a boy of colour son of Unknown Parents Natives of Bahia, Brazil, South America named after his Master residing in Gildart St. and Captain of a Dublin Trader.1 Records
of this Town, Merchant, who died at Knutsford in Cheshire, from whence he was brought to his house in Pitt street on the 17th instant and from thence buried on the...1 Records
Order [A blob of ink follows the Christian name, positioned immediately below the surname in the previous recored. The blob may therefore be a ditto mark indicating the surname as Fishar]1 Records
No 30 should have been entered as Ann Briscoe. Corrected in the presence of James Mandsley & Peter Mandsley, two persons who attended at the funeral, this third of June 1813. James Gildart1 Records
[Note in margin:] Ann Wilkinson erroneously inserted Margaret Wilkinson entered this 5th day of Decr. 1832 Miles Formby. In the presence of Margaret Bennett & Hugh Jas. Wilkinson, son of the above Ann Wilkinson.1 Records
[Note follows on the following page of the register:] The pages 2 & 3 and containing no 9 to no 24 both inclusion, were not filled up, owing to a mistake. Augt. 11th 1822 J. H. Smyth Minr. J. G. Prince Ass.Curate1 Records
[note on page] H Peter Rigby as appears by the Register of Birth in this Church & Statement of his mother Alice Rigby was born on 5 Nov 1792 & was 33 years of age at the time of his death Aug 4 1844 John B Monk Chaplain1 Records
Father & Mother totally unknown.This name was given to the child in consequence of its having been exposed in Netherfield Road South Everton deserted by Father & Mother (who have not been discovered) & bought [sic] up by the Township of Everton. About 5 o1 Records
[Christian name originally entered as 'Charles'. Correction entered in margin:] Whereas it appears from the evidence of Kate Gresley, Daughter of the abovenamed Charles Gresley, that the Christian names Lee Andrew Robert, were omitted in the Register of B1 Records

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