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[Groom's father's occupation water-damaged]9 Records
[burial date obscured, between 2 and 3 April]9 Records
[Final digit of entry number has been obscured9 Records
son of the proprietor of the zoological gardens9 Records
[burial date obscured; between 1 and 5 February]9 Records
[last number of the birth year indistinguishable]9 Records
[burial date obscured, between 23 and 29 of March]9 Records
Priv. Bap. [Entered out of sequence in the Register]9 Records
[Occupations of both parents obscured by water-damage]9 Records
[Birth date in margin not legible due to poor scanning.]9 Records
[Mother's name partially obscured by centrefold of register]9 Records
X [Written alongside the mother's name but no indication as to why]9 Records
Robt. Brereton Rectr. John Renshaw Ch. Warden [written at bottom of page]9 Records
['of Riper Years' has been written next to Name of person being Baptised]9 Records
[Written across entries 34, 35, 36] N.B. These three children are triplets.9 Records

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