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The above seven children were registered all at the same time into this Register by me D. J. [Written across page 9 entries 4 to 10]21 Records
[Page 45 repeated]20 Records
[No mother's name entered]20 Records
[Names of parents not entered]20 Records
[No age or cause of death entered]20 Records
[Baptism date obscured, between 26 and 29 July]20 Records
[Baptism date obscured, between 11 and 19 August]20 Records
[Baptism date obscured, between 25 and 31 January]20 Records
[burial date obscured, between 20 and 28 February]20 Records
[Baptism date obscured, between 14 and 24 November]20 Records
with Consent of those whose consent is by law required20 Records
John Shewell Curate & James Lowe Ch. Warden [written at bottom of page]20 Records
John Shewell Curate & George Bowdon Ch. Warden [written at botton of page]20 Records
settled here19 Records
[Entry crossed out]19 Records

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