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Charles James Wilson Wharton

4 November 1813Baptised by His Parents Joseph Wharton (Corn Merchant) and Mary of Lime StLDS Film 1656377
4 October 1834Married Sarah HookLDS Film 1068891
9 October 1838Baptised His Daughter, Sarah WhartonLDS Film 1656423
26 October 1840Baptised His Daughter, Maria Harrison WhartonLDS Film 1656423
9 August 1842Baptised His Son, William Hook WhartonLDS Film 2045907
25 September 1844Baptised His Daughter, Elizabeth WhartonLDS Film 93884
10 March 1847Baptised His Child, Finney Harrison WhartonLDS Film 93885
15 September 1852Baptised His Son, John Hook WhartonLDS Film 93886

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