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John Henderson Stones

21 November 1859Baptised by His Parents John Stones (Sail Maker) and Ann of Ascot St.LDS Film 1656561

Emma Elizabeth Whitelaw

23 August 1859Baptised by Her Parents George Whitelaw (Hairdresser) and Mary Ann Whitelaw of Peach StLDS Film 1656561

George Hardy

7 July 1859Baptised by His Parents James Hardy (Basket Maker) and Alice of Walnut StLDS Film 1656561

Martha Kemp

5 June 1859Baptised by Her Parents John Kemp (Plumber) and Martha of Kew StLDS Film 1656561

Louisa Ann Lee

30 May 1859Baptised by Her Parents John Lee (Mariner) and Ellen of BirkenheadLDS Film 1656561

Esther Palfreyman

22 May 1859Baptised by Her Parents John Palfreyman (Carter) and Elizabeth of Blenheim StLDS Film 1656561

John Edward Aspinall

15 May 1859Baptised by His Parents Thomas Aspinall (Labourer) and Hannah of Portland StLDS Film 1656561

Jane Jeffries

8 May 1859Baptised by Her Parents William Jeffries (Blacksmith) and Margaret of Knight StLDS Film 1656561

William John Kelley

31 July 1859Baptised by His Parents William Kelley (Mariner) and Ann Jane Kelley of Hopwood St.LDS Film 1068892

Martha Davies

1 October 1860Baptised by Her Parents Thomas Davies (Shipwright) and Martha of Toxteth ParkLDS Film 1656561

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