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Edward Leaster

24 February 1750Married JaneLDS Film 1656376

William James

1 January 1771Baptised His Son, John Gillebrand JamesLDS Film 1546062

Richard Goldthrope

20 February 1776Baptised His Son, Thomas GoldthropeLDS Film 1468979

Edward Coventry

7 September 1777Baptised by His Parent Edward Coventry (Joiner) of Church AlleyLDS Film 1656377
30 June 1802Baptised His Son, Edward CoventryLDS Film 93833
29 June 1803Baptised His Son, Edward CoventryLDS 1656373
11 June 1804Buried His Son, William CoventryLDS Film 93833
1 May 1805Baptised His Son, Thomas Rylands CoventryLDS Film 1068889
31 May 1807Baptised His Daughter, Catharine Tyson CoventryLDS Film 93833
27 June 1807Buried His Daughter, Catharine Tyson CoventryLDS Film 93833
28 December 1808Baptised His Son, Robert CoventryLDS Film 93833
22 May 1812Buried His Son, John CoventryLDS Film 93833
10 March 1816Baptised His Daughter, Mary CoventryLDS Film 1656373
11 April 1824Buried at the Age of 46 years in the Parish of St Nicholas, Liverpool, LancashireLDS Film 1068891

John Jones

27 July 1777Baptised His Son, William JonesLDS Film 1468979

Robert Jones

26 April 1778Baptised His Daughter, Susannah JonesLDS Film 1468979

George Saunders

10 May 1778Baptised His Son, George SaundersLDS Film 1468979

Peter Roberts

2 April 1779Baptised His Daughter, Elizabeth RobertsLDS Film 1468979

Joseph Capper

18 April 1779Baptised His Daughter, Frances CapperLDS Film 1468979

James Howard

16 May 1779Baptised His Son, John HowardLDS Film 1468979

Edward Roberts

26 September 1779Baptised His Son, John RobertsLDS Film 1468979

William Moss

25 July 1780Baptised His Son, Richard MossLDS Film 1546062

John Hall

2 April 1780Baptised His Son, Joseph Griffin HallLDS Film 1468979

George Saunders

8 October 1780Baptised His Daughter, Ellen SaundersLDS Film 1468979

Samuel Bostock

1780Buried His Son, John BostockLDS Film 93833

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