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Charles James Wilson Wharton

4 November 1813Baptised by His Parents Joseph Wharton (Corn Merchant) and Mary of Lime StLDS Film 1656377
4 October 1834Married Sarah HookLDS Film 1068891
9 October 1838Baptised His Daughter, Sarah WhartonLDS Film 1656423
26 October 1840Baptised His Daughter, Maria Harrison WhartonLDS Film 1656423
9 August 1842Baptised His Son, William Hook WhartonLDS Film 2045907
25 September 1844Baptised His Daughter, Elizabeth WhartonLDS Film 93884
10 March 1847Baptised His Child, Finney Harrison WhartonLDS Film 93885
15 September 1852Baptised His Son, John Hook WhartonLDS Film 93886

John Hough

20 April 1838Baptised by His Parents James Hough (Victualler) and Martha of Copperas HillLDS Film 1656422

Abraham Steddards

9 July 1838Witnessed the Marriage of James Muir and Agnes HarveyLDS Film 93920

John Owens

25 June 1838Baptised His Daughter, Martha OwensLDS Film 1656422

Sarah Bagnall

5 August 1838Baptised Her Son, Henry BagnallLDS Film 1068891

Thomas Smith

4 March 1838Baptised by His Parents John Smith (Painter / Glazier) and Mary of Prince William St. Toxteth ParkLDS Film 1656422

Joseph Jones

16 September 1838Baptised His Daughter, Mary Jane JonesLDS Film 1656423

Elizabeth Pennington

29 August 1838Married Edward DoneLDS Film 1655552

Robert Kelly

14 January 1838Baptised His Son, Robert Henry KellyLDS Film 1656422

James Smith

30 July 1838Baptised by His Parents Robert Smith (Mariner) and Frances of St. James St.LDS Film 1656423

Elizabeth Stilling Wilson

7 April 1838Married John BrownLDS Film 93843

Charles Octavius Jackson

24 March 1838Married Kezia GreyLDS Film 1468983

Ellen Bickerstaff

24 May 1838Baptised Her Son, Robert BickerstaffLDS Film 1656422

Anne Boardman

30 December 1838Baptised Her Daughter, Anne BoardmanLDS Film 1647560

Thomas Jones

9 December 1838Baptised by His Parents Thomas Jones and CatharineLDS Film 396375

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