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Evelenea Glover

17 April 1808Baptised by Her Parents John Glover (Cooper) and Sarah of Thomas StreetLDS Film 93833
4 September 1825Witnessed the Marriage of James Atteer and Deborah BrownLDS Film 1656374
20 November 1826Married William HowardLDS Film 1656374
7 October 1832Married John WhartonLDS Film 1068891
28 July 1833Baptised Her Daughter, Sarah Jane WhartonLDS Film 1656421
19 April 1835Baptised Her Son, John WhartonLDS Film 1656421
23 July 1840Married Anthony McCartanLDS Film 93920
5 May 1841Baptised Her Son, John McCartanLDS Film 1656423
15 May 1845Baptised Her Son, John Glover McCartonLDS Film 93884

John Weymouth

9 July 1827Married Eliza TuoomeyLDS Film 93918
3 July 1829Baptised His Son, Charles WeymouthLDS Film 93834
26 July 1835Baptised His Son, John WeymouthLDS Film 1656421
31 August 1840Baptised His Daughter, Eliza WeymouthLDS Film 1656423

Eliza Tuoomey

9 July 1827Married John WeymouthLDS Film 93918
3 July 1829Baptised Her Son, Charles WeymouthLDS Film 93834
26 July 1835Baptised Her Son, John WeymouthLDS Film 1656421
31 August 1840Baptised Her Daughter, Eliza WeymouthLDS Film 1656423

Charles Hannah

20 January 1835Baptised His Daughter, Jane HannahLDS Film 1656421

Ann Roberts

5 April 1835Baptised Her Daughter, Ann Jane RobertsLDS Film 1656421

Andrew McNeill

17 September 1835Baptised by His Parents Arthur McNeill (Shipwright) and Elizabeth of Pitt StLDS Film 1656421

Robert Roberts

20 December 1835Buried at the Age of 52 yrs. in the Parish of Holy Trinity, Liverpool, LancashireLDS Film 1656017

Thomas Mellor

20 May 1835Married Jane BereyLDS Film 1647985

Charlotte Wilson

3 August 1835Baptised Her Daughter, Margaret Maria WilsonLDS Film 1656421

Ann Hodgson

14 September 1835Baptised Her Daughter, Harriet HodgsonLDS Film 1656013

Joseph Matthews

7 September 1835Witnessed the Marriage of Robert Waring and Mary MatthewsLDS Film 94018

John James Carter

3 September 1835Baptised His Daughter, Margaret Jane CarterLDS Film 1656373

Hannah Peak

15 June 1835Baptised Her Daughter, Mary PeakLDS Film 1656421

John Barton

25 November 1835Baptised His Daughter, Alice BartonLDS Film 1656422

Michael Woods

1 February 1835Married Elizabeth HeardyLDS Film 94018

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