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1805 - Departed on a Slaving Voyage to North America

Property NameProperty Value
Date Of Departure02/17/1805
Year Of Return1805
Port Of DepartureLiverpool
Date Arrived At Major Market11/29/1805
Year Arrived At Principal Market1805
Voyage TypeSlaving
Preferred African Region (If Slaving Voyage)West-Central Africa
Preferred African Port (If Slaving Voyage)Congo River
Overseas Port (Preferred)New Orleans
Overseas Region (Preferred)North America
Principal Overseas MarketLouisiana
Number Of Crew At Voyage Outset38
Deaths Of Crew At Voyage Outset12
Crew Died (At Outset)6
Crew Drowned (At Outset)1
Crew Killed (At Outset)5
SeamanAndrew Jordon
1st mateDavid Wren
BoatswainThomas Rowland
CookJohn Jones
ArmourerWilliam Williamson
SurgeonJohn Temply
4th mateRichard McKinney
3/4 seamanHumphrey Griffith
GunnerGeorge Warrington
3/4 seamanWilliam Ray
MasterJames Max
CooperJames Thompson
3/4 seamanRobert Adams
StewardMichael Carey
CarpenterRichard Lookey
ClerkThomas Wilson
SeamanThomas Jones
Sailing masterCornelius Martin
2nd mateCharles Cock
Carpenter's mateFrancis Quin