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William Jones

3 December 1804 - Sailed As Half Seaman on a Slaving Voyage to West Indies Aboard the Vessel Retrieve

Property NameProperty Value
First Name (With Contractions)William
First Name (Without Contractions)William
Date Entered Pay3/12/1804
Occupation (As Documented)1/2 seaman
Occupation (Standardised)Mariner
Occupation (HISCO Code)98135
Location Entered PayLiverpool
Muster Position10
Rank1/2 seaman
Skills GroupingMaritime unskilled
Officer GroupingNon-officer
Paid Days On Board48
Reason Departed PayDischarged
Location Departed PayLiverpool
Shire\Colony Departed PayEngland
Abode (Country)Wales
Name Of Vessel Served AboardRetrieve
Sailed On A VoyageVoyage Details

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